Foster a Culture of Continued Learning This Holiday Season with a Digital Education Platform
  • Foster a Culture of Continued Learning This Holiday Season with a Digital Education Platform

    December 1st, 2023

    Ensuring learning continuity during the holiday season is a persistent challenge for K-12 and higher education. The reason? It is something no education institution would like to hear: traditional learning methodologies do not align with the spirit of the holidays.

    Due to this:

    1. Student engagement declines dramatically.
    2. Ensuring accessibility can be difficult, especially for remote learners who travel during the holiday season.
    3. The disconnect among learners and educators may introduce learning gaps and limit retention.

    The Solution: Digital Learning

    Holidays need not bring learning to a complete halt. At the same time, it needs to continue in lighter and more fun ways so as to not mar the spirit of the holidays and leave room for learners to enjoy the season.

    Digital learning is the panacea to almost every modern challenge in the education industry. AI-powered remote learning tools can significantly support the continuity of learning while aligning it with holiday fun. Here’s how.

    Transforming Content Design

    Cutting-edge content design tools allow educators to design engaging learning materials. This encompasses offering interesting themes for reading, using high-energy audio and videos, adding gaming elements, and much more. There are diverse options to create gamified, interactive, and fun assessments. But add assessment only if necessary. It’s the holiday season after all!

    Facilitating Collaboration and Interaction

    An online LMS facilitates collaboration among students and offers interaction opportunities for teachers as well. This helps maintain continuity in instruction while making room for adopting more holiday-friendly methodologies. Leveraging modern techniques, such as micro-learning, gamified modules, interactive learning sessions, and assisted learning, adds variety and enhances engagement.

    Enabling Anytime-Anywhere Education

    The most significant advantage of remote learning tools is that they are accessible across platforms, enabling self-paced learning. This instills a sense of autonomy among learners, boosting their interest and engagement in learning despite the holidays. Learning during the holiday season also helps build lifelong learning habits.

    It Takes a Village!

    As the proverb goes, a child’s upbringing is the responsibility of the entire community. Therefore, teachers and parents should provide an environment that supports education during the holidays. Here are some helpful tips to facilitate learning during the holidays.

    Collaboration Between Parents and Teachers

    Continued parental involvement, supervision, and communication with teachers allow learning to proceed smoothly. Teachers can hold community awareness campaigns, while parents can ensure their child’s study time and space remain learning-friendly. Additionally, edtech providers can make sufficient resources available for parents and teachers to optimally utilize the holiday time for continued education without diminishing the holiday spirit.

    Small and Effective Courses

    A smart strategy is to target a small and necessary portion of learning content and deliver it in an engaging and interactive manner. Teachers can also initiate group discussions on learning forums and assign collaborative projects to ensure peer interaction. This provides an opportunity for continued development of socio-emotional skills as well. Instill a sense of achievement with leaderboards and use customizable holiday-special badges for added motivation.

    Learning and Enjoyment Timetable

    Plan a learning schedule that gives enough time to enjoy the holidays. Prevent distractions from interfering with the learning time and environment. Did you know that self-paced learning held 65% of the market share of the $31.20 billion global online education market in 2022? Prioritize student preferences in the schedule and prepare it with their involvement to empower them to drive their education.

    Letting Students Know They are Supported

    Parents also need to support their children in case they feel isolated, stuck, or face challenges during learning. Additionally, AI-powered learning assistants and learning bots help learners solve their queries in real-time through direct answers or content recommendations.

    Embrace Digital Learning

    The global online education market is forecast to expand at a CAGR of 17.2% from 2023 to 2030. One of the top trends during this period will remain facilitating learning opportunities across mobile platforms and devices. Educators and publishers can provide continued, successful, and enjoyable learning experiences by embracing AI-powered digital learning tools like content design, learning management, assessment, and analytics solutions. Holidays are an opportunity to explore diverse formats of delivering learning and experiment with innovative education models.

    Bolster your efforts to ensure continued learning with powerful content authoring tools that facilitate the creation of attractive and collaborative learning content. Education institutions must consider adopting learning platforms that support both online and offline learning to accommodate learners who might be on the move during the holidays. Finally, maintaining compliance is paramount in the technology-driven learning ecosystem. MagicBox™ is a leading provider of comprehensive, cutting-edge digital education and course development tools for impactful learning design and delivery. Contact the team to elevate your students’ learning experience this holiday season.