• 5 Ways EdTech Can Supercharge Growth for Associations

    November 8th, 2022

    Associations and non-profit organizations are renowned for the vast quantities of information they have accumulated over the years. This information is a major value proposition in attracting and retaining members. For instance, hotel management associations can benefit from attracting and nurturing learners early while they are still in school. The engaging information can help these students learn about a career in hospitality, while the associations can gain young talent.

    Unfortunately, many education associations today work through siloed ecosystems and fragmented technology platforms. This makes it difficult for them to fully utilize their vast content resources and also for members to find relevant information.

    The need of the hour is to simplify your digital ecosystem and improve user experiences while making content easily discoverable. This goes much beyond just improving the search capabilities of your website. To maximize content monetization and retain members and donors, you need to keep them engaged with the latest reports and analytics.

    Here’s where EdTech comes into play, providing the tools you need to organize content into discoverable digital libraries. This way, your members, donors, and partners can make the most of your resources. Take a look at some innovative ways education associations use EdTech.

    What EdTech Brings to the Table

    EdTech eases the creation, publishing, and distribution of digital content. Professional associations stand to reap multiple benefits by adopting the latest EdTech solutions.

    • Discover New Revenue Streams

    Firstly, EdTech can be seamlessly integrated into any existing digital ecosystem. EdTech solutions comply with standards such as QTI, LTI, TinCan, and SCORM to allow such integrations. With powerful content authoring tools, preloaded with thousands of themes and templates, these platforms allow for quick and effortless content creation. In fact, associations will no longer need to maintain an in-house team of authors, developers, designers, and more to create new content or modify existing titles.

    Plus, they can easily add a white-label digital library or eCommerce store to their platform for direct sales. This way, associations can offer multiple types of materials, including newsletters, program catalogs, product walkthroughs, materials for reskilling or skill upgrades, and much more. Most importantly, they can reach out to global audiences while ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks and industry standards.

    • Maximize User Engagement

    EdTech enables flexibility in content formats, allowing you to integrate multimedia elements. These plug-and-play tools enable multilingual support to bring together people from different backgrounds. State-of-the-art eReaders promote digital equity among users through offline access to learning materials. They are also packed with features, such as bookmarking, highlighting, note-taking, in-text links to external resources, and more, for enhanced engagement.

    Artificial Intelligence-based assistants ease the discoverability of content while answering questions for learners 24/7 and motivating users to read relevant content.

    • Efficient Reporting with Custom Analytics

    Analytics, such as time spent on each title, popularity of a particular content format, length of content preferred by users, etc., are used to generate custom reports that offer deep insights. These insights empower associations to make strategic decisions on new product offerings or alternate markets. These analytics play a big role in enhancing customer satisfaction and improving retention.

    The reports can be customized and shared with different stakeholders to provide actionable insights. For instance, organizations can fine-tune training programs for the best results based on analytics.

    • Manage Content Effectively

    With powerful digital rights management tools, you can protect your content against piracy.  A digital content distribution platform also supports multiple subscriptions and licensing models to maximize monetization. If B2B bulk selling is a challenge, EdTech can step in to provide an elegant solution by means of short-duration accesses. Your association can retain complete control of publications – right down to managing expiry dates on subscriptions and restricting duplication of your proprietary content. You can also control access to sensitive and confidential information and trade secrets.

    What else is on offer?

    • Access to content for different subscription periods.
    • Restrict the number of devices from which your content can be accessed.
    • Offer different user roles separate access codes to go along with eBooks and other resources.
    • Offer Custom-Branded Apps

    No great experience is complete without custom branding for your solutions. Choose a distribution platform that gives users the true feel of your brand identity. These platforms come with capabilities to manage all your products from a single app while effortlessly distributing and managing content from a single point. You can choose eReader skins, customize the eCommerce store and ensure unique branding to help your association stand apart from the rest.

    By choosing SaaS-based, cloud-hosted EdTech solutions, you’re gearing up for international growth. This is because a cloud-based solution allows you to host your platform anywhere in the world and still remain close to the end user – leading to maximum uptime and the highest performance levels.

    MagicBoxTM provides industry-leading EdTech solutions to simplify the publishing and distributing content that drives customer engagement. Highly flexible and customizable, our award-winning tools help to maximize accessibility with compatibility across devices and operating systems. Plus, compliance is eased to support global growth.

    Contact us today for a demo and experience the benefits that cutting-edge EdTech tools can offer your association.