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Learning Analytics

Tracking the progress made by learners is key to ensuring optimal academic outcomes. This is where learning analytics can be of huge help. With new technologies taking digital learning platforms to the next level, with the integration of AI and analytics, it has become much easier to monitor academic progress.

Learning analytics in education does the crucial job of identifying the need for intervention and support for specific students early in the process. Rather than waiting for the end of the term or semester, regular analytics can ensure that help is provided before a student falls behind their peers. That’s not all that learning analytics has to offer for K-12 education. Read here for the latest in this field.

Learning Analytics

User Learning Analytics

Ritesh Chopra| March 30th, 2017

Data Gathering and Analysis For years, schools have been collecting data and maintaining records. It ranges from grades...

Digital Publishing

Smart analytics of digital content consumption with MagicBoxTM

sonia-guptaSonia Gupta| December 22nd, 2016

As a K-12 publisher, it is not enough for you to create and distribute digital content like eBooks...