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  • Smart analytics of digital content consumption with MagicBoxTM

    December 22nd, 2016

    As a K-12 publisher, it is not enough for you to create and distribute digital content like eBooks efficiently. A number of digital publishing platforms help you create engaging educational materials and ensure that they reach your target customers. But not many of these platforms offer truly useful analytics on how the content is being consumed. In other words, the content usage data you get from the publishing platform’s analytics dashboard seems too hard to understand or not sufficient for making business decisions. Do you think that an analytics dashboard which is easy to understand and provides actionable data which can help you create business strategies as per your content’s performance will be more sensible? Then we have some great news for you!

    MagicBoxTM is a digital publishing platform which doesn’t just aid publishers to create, sell and manage educational content, but also offers easily comprehensible analytical data which you can actually work with. The benefits of this platform are many:

    • You don’t need to have any technical, statistical or special analytical knowledge or skill to understand the content usage data provided.
    • MagicBoxTM provides data such as the number of eBooks distributed, the number of eBooks sold, and it also compares these numbers with your competitors.
    • With the dashboard data, you will be able to figure out which type of content is more popular – be it text, video, audio or images.
    • You will also get to know how much time a student or teacher is spending on a particular book, and hence gauge if the book is interesting or useful enough.
    • For instance, if you have 10 books under your belt, MagicBoxTM analytics will show you which one is selling the most and which one is selling the least. This way, you will know which eBook’s marketing should be boosted.
    • MagicBoxTM content analytics also tells you which tools are being used to access and read your eBooks. That is, whether a student is using a laptop, mobile, tablet or chromebook to study. Naturally, it will become easy for you to understand which formats you need to provide your content in.

    Besides the advantages mentioned above, MagicBoxTM analytics will inform you of current publishing trends, where you stand vis-à-vis your competition, and if your eBooks are ensuring desired learning outcomes or not. To stay ahead of others and to compete with big players like Amazon in the market, it is essential to choose a digital publishing platform like MagicBoxTM. Taking proper business decisions and accomplishing objectives will become way easier than ever before!