The Importance of Customized End-to-End Digital Distribution Platforms
  • The Importance of Customized End-to-End Digital Distribution Platforms

    April 6th, 2017

    Digital Content Platforms – The Way Forward

    Digital content has seen an unprecedented surge of growth in the last 15 years. Publishers are trying to out do each other by adding videos, audios and different types of interactivities in the content. On the other hand, students are consuming this content on Laptops, Tablets and even mobile phones.  This combination of sophisticated interactive content and completely fragmented device ecosystem creates a huge delivery challenge i.e. how do you ensure the content will work seamlessly in all devices, browsers and operating systems?

    As emerging technology like Google classroom and other cloud based tools like EdModo are changing the way way teachers and students interact with each other. For years, students have used books to learn, but in recent times, countless educational institutes have taken the proverbial plunge and have shifted toward digital methods. Digital learning platforms include personalized learning technologies that adapt to suit the needs of students, while being centred around a digital framework and pedagogy. One such platform that has emerged of late is MagicBoxTM, which uses cloud-based mobile learning platforms to aid K-12 publishers to create and distribute engaging and interactive content.

    The Need for End-to-End Digital Distribution Platforms

    Apart from diversity of content and devices one of the biggest need of the hour is personalized learning. To personalize and adapt the platform to meet the need of each individual, platforms need to collect a lot of data. While traditional LMSs collect some data, these LMSs were not built and deployed in a way that huge amount of data can be collected.

    With learning management systems becoming an integral part of many schools, a platforms that is fully adaptive, in terms of device accessibility, offline usability and content security is extremely important. When the Products and Innovation team at Magic analyzed this problem we decided to build MagicBoxTM, an end-to-end digital distribution platform.

    In MagicBoxTM, we have a wide range of features, which include one-click publishing that makes for an easier, hassle-free publishing experience, tracking assignments and assessments for students, device agnostic, analytics, an online & offline reader for students and teachers, and much more. The ultimate goal here is to create ecosystem that can be accessed by individuals anywhere, using any device.

    MagicBoxTM offers an extensive range of insight for content creators, allows for educators to enhance content to cater to the diverse needs of every student, focuses on editorial investments and ensures that they are channelled in the correct direction, and even allows the prevention of content piracy while ensuring content security. Most importantly, with a platform such as MagicBoxTM, institutes and teachers can evaluate learning outcomes and even identify knowledge gaps to help students perform better.