MagicBoxTM Announces New Module for Teachers - Teacher's My Drive - Magic Box
  • MagicBoxTM Announces New Module for Teachers – Teacher’s My Drive

    March 1st, 2018

    MagicBoxTM proudly announces adding a new feature where teachers can add and organize their contents (notes, topic summary, questions/answers or supplemental materials) and share with their class, group, and students. Teachers can further allocate assignments against these contents through the platform. MagicBoxTM platform is currently being used by over 3.7 million+ users worldwide and this feature will further help teachers facilitate sharing of contents digitally and do away with printed materials.

    Teachers will have a new section “My Uploads” in their menu listing.

    My Uploads

    Teachers can add and organize the contents in folders from the ‘My Uploads’ section. Teachers will be able to add the following types of contents, and additionally provide a Title and Thumbnail for each content:

    • Word document (DOC, DOCX)
    • Excel (XLS, XLSX)
    • PowerPoint presentation (PPT)
    • Portable Document Format (PDF)
    • External Links

    Add Folders, Files, and Links

    Adding File

    Folder view-my uploads

    Folder View

    Once a content is added to the MagicBoxTM portal by a teacher, they can perform following actions:

    • Open – To view the content
    • Edit – To update the content, title or thumbnail
    • Share – With Class / Group / Individual
    • Delete – From the system
    Editing, sharing, deleting files

    Editing, Sharing, and Deleting Files

    Students can view the contents assigned by their teachers under a separate section “Shared Files”. Students can access these contents from anywhere via the web platform as well as various MagicBoxTM offline (iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows) apps.

    Additionally, students can view the notifications for any contents assigned by their teacher.

    Class files and Shared files

    Class Files & Shared Files

    MagicBoxTM continues on the journey of making learning a fun for the students and will keep adding features that provide value to both the teachers and learners. Watch this space for more!

    Contact us if you need more information about MagicBoxTM features. Our team will schedule a free MagicBoxTM demo for you!