How Magic Box supports Universal Design for Learning

Education systems usually comprise rigid curricula and a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. Standardized approaches to instruction tend to act as barriers to learning, often resulting in a sub-optimal climate for fostering academic success. Advent of digital learning allows educators to design tailor-made solutions to cater to individual Read More

Designing Website and Apps for Accessibility

Accessibility in education refers to providing equal opportunities to learners who are differently-abled. According to the Center on Technology and Disability (CTD), accessible digital content and apps shouldn’t only be targeted for the differently-abled, but also for the English language learners and those from under-resourced communities. To Read More

How is accessible content expected to make learning easier for the differently-abled?

For years, differently-abled children have struggled with their schoolwork and assignments, owing to how most schools lack the infrastructure or instructional methods to accommodate the differently-abled. However, the recent surge of technological advancement has created a wealth of opportunities for differently-abled students to start at an equal Read More

Accessibility – A vital aspect to consider while developing a worldwide product

We at Magic, had an opportunity to work on a mobile app which was specifically designed for people with visual impairment. The app we created, was for a Sillicon Valley based IoT startup Braigolabs, and allowed us to implement a series of in-house tools aimed at making Read More