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As we approach the end of summer, let’s take a step back and reflect on the season that just passed by. As we continue to handle COVID and prepare to emerge from the crisis that redefined our lives this past year, we must reflect on and take stock of the innovations that shaped the education and technology landscape during this crisis. The focus is even more on equitable, affordable and effective access to learning.

EdTech saw the rise of many important trends this past year. One trend that has particularly moved us closer to a seamless digital reality is the rise of online reading. While on the rise in the past decade or so, online reading has historically been in the shadows of physical reading. The physical reading v/s digital reading debates never seem to end.

In the context of the current situation, however, this debate needs to evolve to meet the current needs. We serve the readers better by enhancing the digital reading experience to be more immersive and engaging. Today, more than ever before; we have the tools to make that possible. Whether it be highlighting text, making notes, collaborating with instructors and peers, and getting a deeper understanding using interactive content, today’s reading technology makes that possible.

Let’s redefine the digital reading experience and make users fall in love with reading again.
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MagicBox Feature Update, July 2021

Educators wasting time on tedious administrative jobs is a colossal waste of our resources. Let’s avoid that by using technology to make these tasks redundant or quick and easy to perform.

MagicBox’s features save stime, reduce data errors, and strengthen data security. Take a demo to see it in action.

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We’ve all heard about the importance of going beyond our comfort zones and working on things that stretch our boundaries. However, like most virtue statements, this is easier said than done. Our comfort zone pulls us with a force stronger than gravity. Such is the power of comfort that given a choice, most of us will choose unhappiness over uncertainty.

This attachment to our comfort zone comes at a huge cost and Comfort Crisis explains that in great detail.

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