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AI Powered Learning Assistant For Personalized learning

We bring to you the power of machine learning on the MagicBox platform with enhancements and functionalities. Providing a cohesive experience - an AI-powered learning assistant which makes life easier for students and teachers.

Need for Learning Assistant

Designed to act as a personalized learning assistant for students, it provides:

MagicBox for your digital publishing needs

Learning Assistant Offers

Content-based Search

Users can easily search all the types of content from the library and enable to find the number of content and item list as well. Below are some example-

  • How many courses are assigned to me?
  • Search for an Economics book?
  • Find courses related to Adventure ? and much more..

Context-based Search

The learning assistant can provide answers from within an eBook and course. Moreover, it also recommends the content and redirects the user to the same page from where it picked up the answer. Below are some examples-

  • Define Photosynthesis.
  • What is the boiling point of water?
  • What is (a+b)2 ? and much more...

FAQ Answers

The learning assistant can reply to FAQs previously asked by the user. The FAQs and answers are manually added to provide personalized learning assistance. Below are some examples-

  • How can I highlight in the book?
  • From where can I view the assessment scores?
  • What books are recommended to learn more about ancient history?

Train the Learning Assistant as Per Your Need

Train the learning assistant with role-specific, content-specific, or any education-related FAQs to help elicit the most appropriate response.