Cosenza & Associates to Distribute and Manage Digital Content with MagicBox - Press Release

Cosenza & Associates to Distribute and Manage Digital Content with MagicBox

01 Jan 2022

MagicBox has once again proved its ability to ease content creation, distribution, and monetization with its latest solution for Cosenza & Associates. The Dallas, Texas-based company, founded in 2010, provides high-quality instructional resources for K-12 mathematics, professional development, and curriculum support and development. In addition, they aim to provide the right tools to empower math teachers.

Cosenza & Associates had primarily been using Moodle, along with downloadable PDFs, to distribute their content for teachers. However, they looked for a more robust and complete solution that would help them manage and distribute content. They already had about 300 titles and were aiming to add more content, primarily focused on students. In addition, the company was looking for a platform to achieve its objective of improving mathematics education and advanced academics instructional programs for schools, teachers, and students.

The MagicBox Fit

The reason MagicBox™ has been consistently getting the eyeballs and winning accolades is because of its highly customizable and flexible nature. The Magic team worked with Cosenza & Associates to turnkey the digital content creation and distribution platform, customized to create host content and ease content access for schools, teachers, and students.

With MagicBox, the customer can seamlessly convert legacy PDF content and other titles into IDPF-compliant ePub 3 format. The company could now provide access to content via a digital library, where teachers can assign content to groups of students, classes, or individual students.

“In recent times we have witnessed an increased need for digital instructional materials. Our partnership with MagicBox gives us the opportunity to provide our popular resources not only in print but also in a digital interactive format. This platform allows students to interact with the content and provides teachers with the feedback they need to assess student progress.”

Gary Cosenza

President of Cosenza and Associates LLC

To help the company increase its reach, the Magic team is also setting up a web-based eReader and two offline apps (iOS and Android) for Cosenza & Associates. With these, the company aims to attract more students and increase its customer base. The company also intends to continue to create content, powered by the robust content authoring tools on MagicBox™.

“We are excited to welcome Cosenza & Associates to the MagicBox family. We have been able to deliver the best fit solution for them because we believe in first understanding each client’s needs to the fullest before working out a customization plan. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Cosenza,” said Harish Agrawal, Vice President of products, Magic EdTech.

In addition, Harish stated that it had been the constant commitment to innovation that has helped MagicBox™ gain a customer base from all across the world, with some of the biggest names in the education sector using the platform to distribute their content.