MagicBox Partners with OpenStax for Easing the Content Distribution of Higher Education

MagicBox and OpenStax to Ease Distribution of Higher Education Content

14 Sep 2020

MagicBox™, our award-winning, SaaS-based, cloud-hosted learning platform has scored yet another win with its partnering with OpenStax, a leading provider of free and open educational materials. OpenStax is Rice University’s educational technology initiative, which provides free, peer-reviewed textbooks for introductory college and high school courses.


OpenStax was founded on the belief that everyone can and should have access to knowledge. By publishing free, openly licensed textbooks, partnering with educational technology companies like MagicBox, and conducting cutting-edge research on the science of learning, OpenStax is breaking down the most common barriers to education. The organization has reimagined learning and created tangible change in education for millions of students since publishing its first textbook in 2012.

How MagicBox™ Will Help

MagicBox™ has joined hands with OpenStax to build an online repository of the latter’s titles for higher education. Students will be able to access all titles in digital form, both online and offline, via apps powered by MagicBox™. This provides both MagicBox™ and OpenStax exciting new opportunities to widen their reach to new audiences while fulfilling each company’s commitment to easing education delivery.

The platform will provide access to content via licenses and access codes. In addition, with the content authoring tools on MagicBox™, publishers will be able to easily integrate graphics, multimedia and interactive elements in their offerings. This will further enhance student engagement and lead to improved learning outcomes.

Harish Agarwal, Director and Global Head of Products, Magic EdTech , stated, “With this partnership in place, our publisher partners and clients will be able to include the OpenStax eTexts and other OER materials in their digital libraries, powered by MagicBox, and rollout the content to universities, teachers, and students, alongside their content, in one place. ”

We are excited to welcome MagicBox as our newest partner. With MagicBox, OpenStax users in K-12 and higher education will now have even more options for interactive textbooks and the flexibility to easily move to learn online and offline as needed.

David Harris

Editor in Chief of OpenStax

About MagicBox™

Magic EdTech is a New York-based technology company with over 30 years of industry experience. Its flagship platform, MagicBox™, is focused on creating and conceptualising digital learning solutions for K-12 and higher education, as well as publishing companies. The platform is being used by over 4 million students worldwide.

About OpenStax

OpenStax is transforming learning so that education works for every student. As an ed tech initiative that is part of Rice University and supported by philanthropic foundations, OpenStax provides free college and high school textbooks that are developed and peer-reviewed by educators and experts. For more information, visit