MagicBox™ New Partnership with Bongo Learn to Develop Custom Video Assessment Solutions

MagicBox™ Partners With Bongo to Create Experiential Learning Opportunities

24 Jul 2020

Magic EdTech, an education technology development company, and Bongo, a video assessment solutions provider, have partnered to develop custom video assessment solutions for educational institutions and corporate organizations through MagicBoxTM, used by more than 4 million students and teachers.

MagicBoxTM recently won the 2020 Gold Award from IMS Global Learning Consortium® under its Learning Impacts Program.

A New Partnership

The seamless integration of Bongo’s video assessment technology within MagicBoxTM enables publishers and teachers to preload or create experiential video exercises, as well as host virtual classroom sessions, in a secure way within Magic EdTech’s digital learning platform.

In this unprecedented time of distance learning, schools and organizations are facing various challenges in running efficient and productive virtual classrooms, building learning communities with high engagement levels, and assessing learning outcomes. The goal of this partnership is to not only help the schools directly in this time of need, but to also aid the publishers that provide digital learning materials and tests needed for the curriculum quickly.

“We at MagicBoxTM aim to make distance learning convenient and efficient for K-12 and higher education and are very excited to work with Bongo to bring innovative features to help schools and students,” said Harish Agarwal, Global Product Head, Magic EdTech.

What Does This Partnership Mean in a Nutshell?

  • Video-Based Assessments and Assignments: Educators and publishers have the ability to create video assessments where students demonstrate their skills and knowledge, while teachers assess their comprehension level and provide individual feedback and support. These workflows consist of structured video-response prompts.
  • Virtual Classroom & Online Instruction: MagicBox now has an integrated web conferencing tool that allows schools to hold virtual classrooms where multiple parties interact in real-time via video. These virtual sessions enable face-to-face learning and instruction that was disrupted by school closures due to COVID-19. 

These integrated video assessment features within MagicBox will benefit educational institutions and their students, as well as corporate organizations looking for more interactive learning and assessment experiences. We’re looking forward to collaborating with Magic EdTech to develop an engaging platform that enables remote learning at scale for everyone.

Josh Kamrath

CEO of Bongo

About Magic EdTech

Magic Edtech is (a division of Magic Software Inc) is focused on developing digital learning solutions for K12 & higher education technology & publishing companies. Magic’s cloud-based digital learning content distribution and learning platform cloud-based digital learning content distribution and learning platform MagicBoxTM is widely used in North America, Australia and Asia – with around 4 Mn users.

About Bongo

Bongo is a video assessment solution that enables experiential learning and soft skill development at scale. Organizations use Bongo’s structured video workflows to facilitate repeated skill practice, peer-to-peer collaboration, and knowledge application within a real-world context. When individuals demonstrate what they can do on video, evaluators get an authentic representation of their competency. Learn more at