MagicBox™ Enters New Partnership with Career Solutions Publishing

26 Jun 2020

Award-winning, end-to-end publishing platform, MagicBox™, has added another feather to its cap by entering into a partnership with Careers Solutions Publishing (CSP), a leading provider of classroom learning materials. CSP develops course content on subjects within the career and technical education and special education paradigms.

CSP had been aiming at a complete digital transformation for three of its programs, focusing on employability and work readiness. For this, they needed a partner to help them with the onboarding and distribution. MagicBox™, with its expertise in CTE publishing, and features such as one-click ePub3 conversion and proprietary DRM tools, proved to be the perfect partner.

What CSP Needed

Having constantly adapted to advanced modes of content distribution over the years, from print to PDFs and interactives, CSP now wanted to collaborate with a distribution platform for seamless login access to three of its job readiness programs, along with a few other functionalities. The company needed its courses to be ready for the back-to-school season (BTS 2020), especially in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With students across the world turning to online education, due to lockdowns and school closures, CSP wanted to ensure that it had a robust digital platform to create and distribute its courses securely.

How MagicBox™ Fulfilled CSP’s Requirements

One of the biggest reasons for this partnership was the seamless LMS integrations offered by MagicBox™. CSP needed effortless integration with Blackboard and Canvas to allow students to smoothly launch content from their own LMS. With its powerful integrations, not only with these two apps but also with other LMSes, such as Moodle, Sakai ,and Schoology, MagicBox™ was the ideal option.

Harish Agarwal, Director and Global Head of Products, Magic EdTech, stated, “We fulfilled their need for a built-in ePub converter. In addition, we are also helping them to improve their existing classroom learning material with assessments and questions, supported by our eReader. Our advanced DRM capabilities were another deciding factor. CSP is waiting to launch the three programs in time for the new back-to-school (BTS 2020) season. We look forward to supporting them through this and future eLearning endeavors.”

About Magic EdTech

Magic EdTech is a New York-based technology company and content publishing platform with over 30 years of industry experience. Its flagship platform, MagicBox™, is focused on creating and conceptualizing digital learning solutions for K-12 and higher education, as well as publishing companies.

About Career Solutions Publishing

Founded in 1990, Career Solutions Publishing is a leading provider of career readiness and technical education courses. CSP is a prominent name in the education industry, having developed soft skills curricula, integrated materials, and other resources essential for job readiness. They also provide practical materials that offer students a strong foundation for a successful career, regardless of whether the career begins after high school, college or other training.