MagicBox’s eReader Platform for Technics Publications’ PebbleU

MagicBox™ Builds the Foundation for Growth for PebbleU by Technics Publications

01 May 2021

PebbleU chose MagicBox™ for its subscription-based business-to-business platform focusing on data-related books and videos. Using MagicBox’s functionality, the material is grouped into “pebbles” that support both micro-learning and traditional skillset pathways. Learning is reinforced using certifications, quizzes, highlights, notes, and social media. Access is through the Web or via the PebbleU Apple and Android apps, online or offline

Using MagicBox’s filtering and category functionality, content is organized into the Four D’s of Data: Discipline (Data Governance, Data Strategy, Data Management, Data Modeling, Data Architecture, Data Quality, Data Literacy, Databases, and Semantics), Discovery (Analytics, Statistics, AI, Robotics, Data Science, Machine Learning, BI, Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Visualization, and Storytelling), Development (Agile, UI Design, Distributed Ledger, Integration, Networking, Operations, Programming Languages and Tools, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing), and Direction (Business Analysis, Culture, Communication, Enterprise Architecture, BPM, Leadership, Management, Privacy, and Security).

PebbleU is owned by Technics Publications, which has published more than 150 data-related titles, including best-sellers like DAMA’s DMBOK, Data Lake Architecture by Bill Inmon, and Telling Your Data Story by Scott Taylor.

The Magic Power

While Technics Publications is still growing, they envision to fulfill the “agility” part of their tagline, while also expanding their base in PebbleU to about 5,000 users within two years.

“We went through a rigorous evaluation process,” says Steve Hoberman, Director of Technics Publications. “MagicBox had the features we were looking for and excellent customer service and support.”

Steve Hoberman

Director of Technics Publications

“MagicBox™ is a perfect fit for Technics Publications’ needs because one of the key functionalities of the digital publishing platform is to help cut time to market. We believe that we can give the client everything they need to not just become much more agile but to grow rapidly. With MagicBox™, building their customer base and even exploring new markets will become easy and seamless,” stated Harish Agrawal, Global Product Head, Magic EdTech.

We will customize MagicBox™ to the specific needs of Technics. As part of the partnership, the Magic team will set up a web-based eReader platform, fully branded for Technics Publications. The team will also develop offline apps (iOS and Android) for the client.

With MagicBox™, Technics Publication gains a platform that will scale as the company grows, enabling them to support an increasing number of users, titles and regions.