LE-AP Interviewed on Superbcrew.Com About Its Next-Gen Corporate Training Platform

June 10th, 2019

Superbcrew, a business news website has just published on an interview with Harish Agrawal, Director of Products at Magic Edtech. The main focus is Artificial Intelligence-based learning experience platform developed by Magic EdTech that addresses the limitations of existing LMSes, what it has to offer that is significantly ahead of corporate e-learning solutions available today.

Could you please briefly introduce your company and what drove you to build LE-AP?

Magic EdTech has been in the business of helping organizations build digital learning products for over two decades. Our journey started with a simple mission of making learning much more fun, engaging and interactive through the use of technology. Today, our B2B SaaS platform, MagicBox, focused on the K12 and higher education industry, already has over 3 million students accessing learning content.

This success prompted us to look at an area of learning that is still underserved – corporate training. Businesses of all sizes need to train employees, whether it is to onboard a new recruit, fill in skill gaps or train the team on their internal products or initiatives. What our research told us that the employee values a company that invests in their growth and development. We also learned that they prefer learning experiences that are interactive and personalized. Most employees don’t even consider internal LMS for their learning. They would rather go ask someone senior whenever they need some information or help.

LE-AP was born from this. It is an AI-driven learning experience platform that brings enterprise learning to life not just by making the entire process very interactive and engaging, but also making it very flexible. So, each individual can learn at their own pace and find help they need when they need it. And, the AI component continues to improve the process, adapting to the needs and preferences of the learners.

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