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August, 2021
As you prepare to welcome students and teachers back to school this fall, we recommend the following:

1 Spare 2 minutes to fill this form ( ) to share your BTS requirements with the Magic team..

2 Send us a demo request for your preferred rostering integration from these options.

3 Send an email to if you have any questions related to BTS 2021 or would like to have any feature/integration enabled for yourself.

Feature Highlight

1. Auto-assign content

MagicBox brings to you an improved version of the existing auto-assign feature, which is dynamic and enables content assignation at runtime to all school/district users while creating the purchase order. With this enhancement, there will be no delay in auto license assignation and users will be able to access the content immediately.

2. Assignment 2.0

This new feature will facilitate enhancing learning and student knowledge. Now, publishers and teachers can create and assign assignments to students on the portal and also perform the following activities through this feature.

  • Assign metadata in the form of tags to every assignment
  • Create and Manage Rubrics for evaluating assignments. Student work can be evaluated on the basis of the Criteria, performance levels, and scores mentioned in the Rubrics.
  • Initiate a double-blind review to re-evaluate the assignment.
  • Create teacher groups and set teachers as double-blind reviewers.

3. Course Progress Report

MagicBox has launched an all-new Course Progress Report through which teachers can view student progress on assigned courses. This report will also be accessible to students on the student portal where they can view time spent in learning, course progress, time spent and view counts for each artifact in the course.

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