MagicBox™ Launches a Multi-Format eReader

22 Feb 2022

We are excited to announce the addition of high fidelity and secure multiformat eReader to our award-winning MagicBox™ platform. We now have a brand new eReader that is compatible with multiple content formats, including PDF, and Microsoft Office.

Magic Reader: The Digital Reading Game Changer

With MagicBox, learners can choose to go back and review earlier lessons and course materials or jump forward to a topic of interest. This way, learners stay engaged and not restricted to linear progression. They can study in their style, in their preferred choice of content format and at their own pace to complete modules.

The addition of new eReader enhances the reading experience for users on PDF, PPT, Word, and many more formats. A huge segment of the learning industry still relies on PDF documents and the brand new Magic reader will create a positive experience of PDF assets, such as Resource Sheets, PDF eBooks, magazines, PPT-based courses and much more.

Other benefits include an improved read-aloud feature, annotation feature and DRM protection for the security of your assets. With the Graphic View feature, the eReader ensures much more satisfying reading experiences on both the mobile and web versions.

MagicBox eReader

Magic Reader: Value Proposition

  • Cut time-to-market by 90%
  • Prevent issues with highlighting, read-aloud and content ingestion, which can occur with PDF to ePub conversion.
  • Save on content conversion costs.
  • Create courses effortlessly using any file format, including PPT and MS Word.
  • Get better analytics with document time tracking.
  • Offer Readspeaker for PDFs as well.
  • Enter new markets, such as PDF eBooks, PPT-based courses, magazines, resource sheets, and more.

PDFtron partnership

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Why Choose Magic Reader

  • Get enhanced experience for the creation of robust PDF solutions with access to all resources, anytime, anywhere.
  • Gain complete control over your content and offer unique user experiences via customizable UI, high-performing SDK, and stable and secure APIs.
  • Future-proof your assets with support for all major platforms, over 30 different file formats, and numerous unique features.

Are you ready to offer next-level reading experiences to your users? Talk to our experts for a demo.

About Magic EdTech and MagicBox

Magic EdTech , a New York-headquartered Great Place to Work-Certified™ company, develops digital learning products and platforms for learning companies. The company has served over 200 clients worldwide and has built long-standing relationships with them over the last decade. Magic’s SaaS digital learning platform, MagicBox (Gold Award winner, IMS Global Learning Impact Award 2020) serves more than 6M users globally.