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Flexible, scalable pricing, created just for you.

We continue to innovate so you can create customised learning experiences, all that while saving you time and money. We win when you win.

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Flexible pricing model of MagicBox

With a mission to ensure Digital Learning for Everyone, we are committed to supporting all your educational delivery efforts. This is why we constantly innovate to bring you cutting-edge features that ensure effectively, personalized learning experiences while saving you time and resources.

Get the Ultimate Flexibility

Our plans are completely customizable so that you get a package specifically tailored to your needs.

MagicBox pricing- pay for what you need

Only Pay for What You Need

Customize the package to your specific needs and active user numbers.

MagicBox pricing- customized pricing

Complete Branding

Drive your brand with a completely customized platform

MagicBox pricing- scale as you grow

Scale As You Grow

Easily scale up or down and modify the plan, based on changing user numbers.

MagicBox pricing- custom analytics

Custom Analytics

Base your business decisions on user data and custom analytic reports.

MagicBox pricing- multilingual support

Multilingual Support

Take your business global with multilingual support from an experienced team.

MagicBox pricing- save time-to-market and manpower

Save Resources

With cutting-edge features, save on time to market and manpower.

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Your Top Questions Answered

Can a get a demo of the platform before I choose?

Definitely. Simply get in touch with us and we’d be more than happy to demonstrate the platform and its unique features works.

Do I need to buy all the features on MagicBox™ or can I choose the ones I want?

MagicBox™ is a fully customizable platform. Not only can you choose the features, but you can also turn on and off features for different users. Plus, you only need to pay for what you use and nothing more.

Can I change the plan or the features I use over time?

Absolutely. Our aim is to support you in the best possible way. This is why we offer the flexibility to add and remove features and modify the plan as your business needs change.

What kind of customer support can I expect?

We take great pride in providing prompt and responsive support via a team of highly skilled and experienced specialists. Our in-house support team monitors and evaluates each ticket to ensure the highest standards of technical support and quality assurance. We also provide Tier 1 support, where our support team takes care of any end user questions and issues for your instance of MagicBox™.

What are the hosting locations available for MagicBox™?

MagicBox™ is hosted on AWS in the US, Europe and Asia. We will be happy to discuss which region would best suit your needs. We use the latest Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) to ensure that you get the fastest speeds and best quality performance, regardless of where you are using the platform. You can also choose to host data in a physical data center in a region closest to your end users.

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  • World-class on-boarding team
  • Training for customers, partners and employees
MagicBox pricing- up and running in 90 days

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