About Client

Education Design Lab is a non-profit organization that co-designs models with learners, educational institutions, and employers that lead to the future of work. The Lab has worked on the ground since 2015 leading and facilitating groundbreaking work across institutions and employers. Launched in January, 2020, the vsbl platform was deployed to respond to the https://eddesignlab.org/vsbl/ in-demand 21st century skills identified by employers.

Business Challenges

In 2018, the Lab released a free web-based “Toolkit” that provided resources for institutions to build their own digital micro-credentials aligned to the 21st century skills competency framework. They needed a platform that would either allow effortless and seamless integration of vsbl on the existing system of the institution or to be able to host the learners on Education Design Lab’s own system. In addition, the Lab required a means to measure outcomes and monitor ongoing access

The Magic Solution

The platform was customized to help vsbl create a digital library to maintain all of its micro-credential educational content. It allowed vsbl to offer free content to all their partner institutions and their learners through the digital library. One of the key challenges that MagicBox™ also helped the Lab address was a need for easy integration with the existing LMS used by each educational institution.

How the Solution Works

Powered by MagicBox™, vsbl deployed its 21st century skills education and micro-credential program in three ways:

  1. Comprehensive vsbl toolkit and free content resources and support materials that were open to the public, with
     assessments available via the program’s storefront.
  2. Plug + Play course modules that could be seamlessly deployed on any partner LMS system.
  3. Hosted instruction, where learners and facilitators could log in directly to vsbl to complete a 21st century skills digital

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