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What our customers are saying

The MagicBox platform allowed us to make a significant upgrade in the online programs we offer to customers. Instead of creating a Frankenstein-esque platform that combines rostering, content delivery, and assessment from various partners, we were looking for a complete platform that offered all of these elements, where they seamlessly work together, right out of the box.

MagicBox met this requirement and has been a great partner in transitioning to their platform.

- Chris Keller,
Product Manager

The Covid-19 pandemic meant that all Irish schools moved to a remote teaching model, which caused a surge in demand for digital products that would help schools manage work outside the classroom. We were able to leverage pre-existing functionality within the platform to quickly build and release an MVP last October.

- Ciara McNamara,
Head of Digital Publishing Platforms

It’s no secret we are enduring an incredibly unique, challenging, and pivotal moment in education today as we are encouraged to stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In an effort to make learning and instruction easier for Texas teachers, schools, and educational programs in 2020, we have teamed up with an acclaimed technology platform to take our educational solutions to the next virtual level.

- David Cumberbatch,
President, and CEO

In recent times we have witnessed an increased need for digital instructional materials. Our partnership with MagicBox gives us the opportunity to provide our popular resources not only in print but also in a digital interactive format. This platform allows students to interact with the content and provides teachers with the feedback they need to assess student progress.

- Gary Cosenza,

Our move to MagicBox has been a totally different experience. Our partnership has allowed us to deliver K–12 digital products to meet the ever-changing learning environments of our customers. The Magic team understands the educational market and works collaboratively with us to provide customized solutions for our customers’ needs. The support team provides us with the guidance and service we need to manage our platform efficiently. We look forward to delivering more quality materials with Magic by our side!

- Megan Bergonzi,
Vice President and Publisher

At AADF, we wanted to build the first Digital Book Platform in Albanian academia to increase student’s accessibility to textbooks and reduce book costs for students. We also wanted to increase awareness of copyright issues in the region and help reduce a negative trend, such as book photocopying. But we couldn’t find a platform that could help us realize all our goals until we found MagicBox™.

- Sokol Ymeri,
Project Manager

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