About Client

When a company with over 30 years of experience in providing technology solutions for the education and corporate sectors approaches us with their needs, it certainly is a rewarding experience. We were very excited to have been selected to help the Canada-based company, known for its interactive digital whiteboard solutions, provide integrated solutions for training, designed to ensure enhanced performance and ease of use.

Business Challenges

The client wanted to provide schools with intelligent ways to collect roster data via APIs while allowing automated provisioning to their users when they logged in. Numerous schools and school districts across North America and Europe were using their technology solutions. Most of these customers were already using integrations, such as OneRoster (ClassLink and Infinite Campus), Google Classroom and Clever.

The Magic Solution

At Magic, we knew that we had just the right tool to help the client. MagicSync is a one-stop solution to manage all education apps from a single platform, while effortlessly ensuring compliance and integration of third-party apps. With MagicSync, the client would get the perfect solution to their integration and support problem.

How the Solution Works

We integrated MagicSync to create custom APIs, which allowed them to authenticate teachers/admin as they logged into the system. System login is possible via MagicSync for OneRoster, Proprietary CSV bulk uploads, or third party SSO, such as Clever, Google Classroom, ClassLink, SAML, etc.

Once the teachers/admin login, they are automatically directed to the client’s portal to manage the rostering or even settings, if needed.

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