The Client

The client is a leading educational publisher with over 40 years of experience in providing educational products to 89 countries.

The Business Need

The client needed to upgrade to a robust digital platform that would lower their maintenance needs and infrastructure costs, while allowing secure distribution of educational content.

Critical Success Factors

  • A discovery phase to understand what the client needed from the platform, such as cutting-edge interface and features.
  • Customizing the platform to ensure seamless migration of legacy content into ePub 3 format.
  • Creating a one-stop solution for creating, distribution and management of all their materials.

Our Solution

  • Customizing MagicBox for quick and easy content conversion, creation, modification and distribution.
  • Ensuring easy integration of interactive and multimedia elements in existing and new content.
  • Preventing content piracy and easing license and subscription management through robust DRM features.
  • Enabling custom analytics to allow the client to make data-driven content strategies.
  • Enabling features to ensure personalized learning experiences for the end users.


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