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Improving Student Engagement in Digital Learning

Hi there,

Wishing you a very happy new year.

As we start getting used to ‘22’ in our dates, let’s not forget the important events that marked last year and relook at the challenges with a fresh set of eyes.

One such challenge, as far as digital learning is concerned, is the issue of student engagement (or lack thereof). It is true that remote digital learning has saved the day when it comes to continuous learning at a time when schools and colleges shut overnight. However, that doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye towards some of the challenges thrown at us by its non-humanized nature.

Humans are social creatures by nature and are most engaged when they interact and participate in groups and communities. In absence of that interaction, students are bound to feel less engaged. This is just one of the engagement challenges that remote learning poses. 

There is no easy solution to this problem. However, we’ve made some progress in the past few years and the hope is that we continue doing that this year and make students ‘want’ to engage in digital remote learning rather than ‘have to’.

Annu C Singh
Chief Product Officer
Magic Edtech

Latest Insights:

1. ‘Assessment of Learning’ into ‘Assessment as Learning’

The need for teachers and school administrators to get immediate feedback on student progress has become extremely important, especially with remote learning during COVID-19. 

We have captured five smart ways of incorporating formative assessments to improve learning in classrooms.

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2. Why Districts Should Continue Using Digital Curriculum Beyond the Pandemic

With the increased adoption of digital curriculum and educational technologies, several benefits came to light for both students and educators. Districts unlocked vital advantages that may have long-lasting benefits including personalized learning experience, preparing students for the digital world, cost-efficiency, better accessibility, helping close achievement gaps.

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Tech in Edtech - The Podcast

Role of Tech and Project-based learning in creating learning opportunities

Jeff Imrich, the Co-founder of Rock by Rock in conversation with Annu Sign, the Chief Product Officer at Magic Edtech, talks about how educators with high-quality curriculum and support can accelerate learning and motivation through real-world relevant project-based learning.

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Despite the fact that previous year saw a boom in the way digital learning was put into practice, We saw students struggling with social and emotional well-being and teachers experiencing loss of engagement levels in the virtual classrooms amongst many other challenges.

We would like to hear your side of the story and experiences from the previous year that help us at MagicBox to use technology to effectively address the lack of engagement we have seen so far.

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