How do you Measure Student Learning? - April 2022 Newsletter

Melissa Ragan, CLO at Navigate360 talks about Technology’s role in Social-Emotional Learning

We need to help teachers with the tools and abilities to practice self-care and help their students with their own mental health. SEL needs to be integrated with the pre-service training of teachers. You can create so many really authentic learning experiences using technology. A well-designed SEL curriculum helps connect students and allows educators to deliver instruction in a way that's appealing to students. The right technology support lets you collect data and take needed action with it.

James gives reference to a personal incident that forced him to take certain actions in order to bring his life back to track. We all deal with certain setbacks at some point in life but it is the quality of habits that decides the outcome in the end.

6 Learning Gains We Owe to the Pandemic

The negative impact of the pandemic on students is quite evident and discussed enough. However, the pandemic also paved way for a lot of new beginnings as well as marked an era of better learning opportunities. From reducing the digital divide to improved focus on DEI to the professional development of teachers to use technology, here are a few crucial developments that happened in the education sector.

Simplifying Teaching and Learning with MagicBox Calendar Feature

MagicBox multi-format ereader

Why MagicBox

  • Streamline Schedules
  • Save time
  • Eco-friendly
  • Effective planning for study time
  • Track due dates

Our Favorite Reads

Rework - By Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson is New York Times Bestseller.

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