MagicBox New Multiformat eReader - February 2022 Newsletter
Newsletter - February, 2022

Multiformat eReader (PDFtron Integration)

You have been using MagicBox’s interactive eReader for many years. Over the past few years, we have heard multiple requests for support for other file formats like PDF, MS Office( Docx, xlslx, PPTx), etc.

MagicBox now supports a multiformat eReader. With a high-fidelity and secure ereader at their fingertips, users can stay in MagicBox to view, search, and annotate in PDF and countless other file formats. This enhances productivity and the user experience and gets you closer to owning every step of digital learning process.

Below are the details of how this feature could help your business grow and generate a value proposition.

Some use cases:

  • Publishers can seamlessly publish Magazines, PDF worksheets, presentations to view and download directly on MagicBox.

  • Content can be accessed in the multiformat eReader from the user library, courses, and teacher resources.
  • Reduced operational expenses by using various tools supported by the new eReader.

  • Unlock the teaching and learning potential to meet the future needs of end-users and businesses alike.
MagicBox multi-format ereader

Tools supported to enhance Digital Learning Experience - 

All tools in the eReader are configurable as per customer requirements and business needs.

Enhance digital learning experience with MagicBox ereader

Customized ereader as per customer requirements

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