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Read Aloud Fixed Layout eBook Reader

Add audio files to transform your eBooks for greater accessibility

Read Aloud Fixed Layout eBook Reader

Add audio files to transform your eBooks for greater accessibility

Audio eBook

Read aloud books offer a perfect immersive reading experience for readers of all ages.

With MagicBox™ read-aloud eBooks reader, content becomes much more immersive and engaging. From children's books to educational material or even cookbooks, all your audio eBooks publishing needs can be fulfilled with a one-stop platform.

The read-aloud feature makes learning easy for those with visual disabilities or dyslexia. With MagicBox™, the user has full control of the narration process, from speed to the desired volume.

Read aloud eBooks are a great way to improve reading ability, language, and speech. They also enhance engagement with the content.

Read Aloud eBooks with MagicBox™

Metadata Handling

Ensure discoverability of content through efficient metadata handling.

Multi-Lingual Support

Offer the read aloud function in multiple languages to enhance reach.

Audio to Text Synchronization

Synchronize audio with text and ensure text is highlighted as the audio progresses.

High Engagement

Add video and interactive elements for improved user engagement.

Custom Branding

White-label audio books reader platform to meet all branding guidelines.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Ensure read aloud fixed layout ePUB conversion compatible with popular eReaders.

How Read Aloud eBooks Benefit

Read-aloud eBooks enable learning on-the-go, consume content in another format, if reading isn’t ideal. Also, these help the reader to retain the information if they prefer to read and listen at the same time. For students, read-aloud eBooks offer opportunities to practice listening, while also exploring and learning new words with the correct pronunciation in any language. Read Aloud eBooks work great for:

  • Math and science textbooks
  • Storybooks and nursery rhymes for children
  • Language learning and syllable practice for all levels and ages
  • Medical, technical and scientific terminology materials
  • Travel guides
  • Reference books
  • Fiction & Novels
  • Research documents
  • Plays and drama

How MagicBox™ Works


Easy and fast read aloud fixed layout eBooks.


Engage readers by embedding video and interactive elements.


Publish the converted ePUB3 to render in any standard eReader that is ePUB3 compliant.

Multiple Formats

Quickly and efficiently convert content into other formats.