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Create Multimedia eBooks with MagicBox™

Create highly engaging and interactive eBooks in just a few clicks.

Create Multimedia eBooks with MagicBox™

Create highly engaging and interactive eBooks in just a few clicks.

The Best Interactive eBook Creator

Enhance the reading and learning experience for the users with high quality interactive and illustrated eBooks. MagicBox’s multimedia eBooks support transforms the reader from a passive recipient of information to an active participant in the learning process.

MagicBox™ integrates robust functionalities to ensure effortless interactive eBook publishing, offering you the ability to embed a variety of multimedia features, including videos, audio, infographics, animation and gamification elements seamlessly. Most importantly, the content is compatible with all popular eReaders.

Adding multimedia and interactive elements with our best interactive eBook distribution platform is extremely time and cost efficient.

What you Get with MagicBox™

Metadata Handling

Ensure discoverability of content through efficient metadata handling.

Custom Branding

White-label interactive eBook development means you can give readers a complete brand experience.

Higher Engagement

Ensure improved engagement by embedding multimedia and interactive elements.

Additional Functions

Improve user experience with advanced functions, user-friendly interface and interactive design.

Multi-Device Support

Make interactive eBooks that are compatible with all the popular eReaders.

Multi-Lingual Support

Create multimedia eBooks in multiple languages so the reader can choose the language they prefer.

Where Multimedia eBooks Excel

With MagicBox’s best interactive eBook software, you can create almost any type of multimedia content, including:

  • Educational books
  • Children’s storybooks
  • Travel guides
  • Multi-lingual eBooks
  • Books for health and medical education.
  • Books for students with ADHD or autism
  • Quiz or puzzle books
  • Technical manuals
  • Illustrated eBooks
  • Animated eBooks

How Our Interactive eBook Development Feature Works


Easy and fast read aloud fixed layout eBook conversion.


Publish the converted ePUB3 to render in any standard eReader that is ePUB3 compliant.


Engage readers by embedding video and interactive elements.

Multiple Formats

Quickly and efficiently convert content into other formats.