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Fixed Layout eBook Conversion

Consistent display on all eReaders with fixed layout ePUB conversion from MagicBox™

Power Your eBooks with Fixed Layout Conversion

With more than 3.7 million users, MagicBox™ is a trusted name in the eBook publishing and conversion industry. We have created a niche for ourselves with our hassle-free fixed layout ePUB conversion platform, helping our clients create rich and engaging content.

Fixed-layout eBook conversion is just what you need when you wish to create graphic-heavy or specifically formatted content. With MagicBoxTM’s fixed layout ePUB conversion feature, you can create content that looks exactly the same regardless of which eReader is used to view it. In this case of a non-reflowing layout, the text can be easily zoomed in or out. They also allow for effortless panning.

Fixed-layout eBooks especially enhance the experience when images are involved. Unlike text, images do not flow properly across eReaders, which leads to them stretch out or appear out of place. With fixed layout eBooks, the images, as well as text, stay in place, just like printed books, leading to a great reading experience.

Fixed layout is useful when the alignment of text and images is important for the reader to derive meaning from the content. On the other hand, reflowable layouts help the content automatically adjust to the screen size being used. It is more flexible but could impact the design of a page, such that images might not align with the associated text.

fixed-layout ebook conversion by MagicBox

Convert PDF to Fixed Layout ePUB Online

seamless upload of ebooks

Seamless Upload

Easily upload all the books you want converted on the web app.

quickly publish your ebooks with MagicBox

Quick Publish

Convert content into fixed-format eBook files with just a few clicks.

publish ebooks which are readable on all ereaders

Wide Support

Publish eBooks that can be read on all the popular eReaders.

advanced functionalities of MagicBox

Advanced Functionalities

Enhance the reading experience with the help of content switching.

accessible ebooks with text to speech features


Make your eBooks accessible for all with text to speech features.

add audio video in ebooks

Improve Engagement

Embed audio and video in your eBooks to enhance the reading experience.

Choose the Best Fixed Layout eBook Platform

Convert pdf to high quality fixed layout ePUB format online with MagicBox™, a next-gen digital publishing platform that offers an array of features to help your digital content stand apart.

Our team of experts ensures that the reader gets the experience of reading a real book with the added advantages of the digital format.

  • Dynamic table of contents
  • Internal and external links
  • Text search functionality
  • Animation & Videos
  • Digital bookmark
  • Full-page zoom
  • Highlighting
  • Annotations & footnotes

How MagicBoxTM Supports Fixed Layout eBook Conversion?



Quickly convert static content to IDPF compliant ePUB3.



Publish easily in any standard ePUB3 compliant eReader.



Enhance reader engagement with audio, video, and interactive elements.


Multiple Formats

Efficiently convert content into other formats and minimize time to market.

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