About Teacher Created Materials

Teacher Created Materials is a 39 years old publication house in CA (USA) known for creating innovative and
imaginative educational fiction and non-fiction materials by teachers themselves hence helping make
teaching more effective and learning more fun!

Business Challenge

Although Teacher Created Materials was using a digital content distribution platform, there was a need for a
new platform to solve variety of problems:

  • Maintenance and infrastructure cost of their existing platform was high
  • They needed the ability to easily and securely distribute the digital version of their books with
    physical books
  • Provide content support on various types of devices
  • The existing platform lacked detailed analytics
  • They needed to pre-bundle their existing books in an android app and distribute this app as
    pre-installed app by a tablet provider

In addition, they needed a platform that had a new age interface and features to be inline with latest
market trends including mobile devices.

Business Solution

Magic offered Teacher Created Materials its flagship platform – MagicBox. Being a SaaS based
solution, MagicBox drastically reduced the amount of money that Teacher Created Materials spent on
Maintenance and Infrastructure of their existing platform. The platform’s flexible DRM allows Teacher
Created Materials to securely distribute the digital version of their books with physical books, in
addition to licensing books to schools and individuals.

The support for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac platforms allowed them to make their content available to
almost every individual; with just a single content source that was supported on all platforms.
Additionally, with Android app already available, creating a version with pre-bundled books turned out to
be a very low cost solution for them.

Apart from all this, MagicBox provides Teacher Created Materials the ability to create & take
assignments/assessments, use the collaborative interaction tools, view large number of analytics reports
& do a lot more with the platform to engage and help take the teachers and learners digital!.