How do I View & Grade Homework?

How do I View & Grade Homework?

Perform the following steps to view and grade homework:

  1. Log in as a Teacher.


  2. Click the Leaning Content menu in the left panel.
  3. Click the Homework sub-menu. You are at a screen
    similar to the following:

    Created by me

  4. Identify the homework you wish to grade.
  5. Click the Response
    icon for the homework in the “Responses” column. You
    arrive at the Homework Responses screen:

    Homework responses

  6. Identify and click any one of the Students, Class
    or Groups to view the responses from.
  7. Click on the Show More link to view more details of
    the homework.
  8. Click on View all responses to see all the
  9. Click the Evaluate list to assign a score to the
  10. Click the Feedback button and do the following:

    Homework feedback

    1. Type in the feedback.
    2. Check the box next to Allow Resubmission, if you
      wish the homework to be resubmitted.
    3. Click the Send button to send the feedback.