How do I add shuffle settings to a question?

Perform the following steps to add shuffle settings to Ordering Question,
Association Question and Match the Following Question; all other question
types do not allow setting the shuffle choices:

  1. Log in as a School Admin.


  2. Click the Assessment menu in the left panel.
  3. Click the Questions sub-menu.
  4. Identify and click a question from the list. Or follow instructions
    in How
    to create a question?
    to create one.
  5. Click the Edit icon on the
    right of the question. You arrive at a screen similar to the one below:

    Selected Question

  6. Click the Settings
    icon on the right.
  7. Click More Settings.

    Add shuffle

  8. Set Shuffle Choices to ON.
  9. Click the OK icon to save
    the changes.