How do I Add School Admins? - MagicBox

How do I Add School Admins?

Perform the following steps to add school administrators for the schools
in your list:

  1. Log in as a Publisher.
  2. Click the School menu in the left panel.School Admin
  3. Click the School Admin sub-menu. You see a screen
    similar to the one shown below:School admin list
  4. Click the Add Admin button. You see the following
    screen:School admin registration
  5. Click the School drop down. You see a list of
    schools already registered with you similar to the one shown below:School list
  6. Do the following
    1. Select the school you are looking for.
    2. If you do not find the school, then click the Add School
      button next to the list. Follow the instructions in How
      to add a school?
      to add the school.
  7. Select the Title, and type in the other details: Fist
    , Last Name,
    Telephone, Email Address/ Username,
    Password, and Confirm Password.
  8. Check the box for Send email to user if you wish to
    notify the user immediately on email.
  9. Click the Save button. The new Admin user is listed
    in the School Admin list similar to as shown below:School admin added