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How do I add auto-grading?

Perform the following steps when adding feedback to a question:

  1. Log in as a School Admin.
  2. Click the Assessment menu in the left panel.
  3. Click the Questions sub-menu.
  4. Click and select a question from the list. You arrive at a screen
    similar to the one shown below. Alternatively, follow instructions in How
    to create a question?
    to create a new
    Edit question
  5. Click the Edit icon on the
    right of the question.Edit question
  6. Click on the Settingsicon
    to the right of the question. You arrive at a screen similar to the one
    below:Set score
  7. Set the Score to a value other than 0. Follow steps
    4 to 7 for setting scores for each question you wish to. The scores for
    all such questions in a test will be automatically calculated and
    presented at the submission of  the test.
  8. Click the OK
    icon to save the change.