Learning Analytics is the Secret to Strong Retention Rates


Do you lie awake at night wondering how to defeat the trend of student attrition? You have a great institution. Every year your roster is filled with new students. Yet, when the year closes out, the number of returning students doesn’t match up with the student list Read More

Meet Learning Outcomes with Predictive Learning Analytics

track elearning in LMS

Online learning plays a pivotal role in widening the access and participation in education for a diverse range of students. This has also created the need to stay intuitive to changing learning needs. With blended learning becoming the norm, Edtech products are creating an inclusive learning space Read More

Ethical Issues with Learning Analytics

In a digitally-fueled education landscape, learning analytics plays an instrumental role in helping institutions gain a nuanced understanding of learner needs and use it to shape their learning & progression. Analyzing data relating to learners and their engagement with course curriculum lies at the heart of this Read More

Content Distribution Platforms – How MagicBoxTM Leads the Way

MagicBox - Content Distribution Platform

As e-Learning has proliferated as a medium of instruction in the K-12 space, content distribution platforms have mushroomed in plenty. But the challenge lies in getting the right content to reach the right audience. An effective content distribution platform like MagicBoxTM resolves this problem while generating ROI Read More