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MagicBox enables to form a deep and lasting relationship between learning product companies and learners; we help our partners seamlessly deliver content that delight the readers, viewers and listeners by providing a personalized, collaborative and immersive learning experience

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    • Our services for education publishing
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    • Our services for Higher education

    Our services for K-12 schools

    Our intelligent products MagicBoxTM and MagicSync help educational publishers shape strategies for excellence in content distribution platforms


    MagicBoxTM Distribute digital content like eBooks, courses and videos across a variety of devices and operating platforms

    MagicBoxTM is a white-labeled platform that manages infrastructure and application related issues so publishers can focus on creating content

    MagicBoxTM and MagicSync support OneRoster, Clever, and Google classrooms specifications, and streamlines the class roster syncing in an easy and secure way

    The MagicBoxTM eCommerce Store allows educational publishers to sell their digital content using a white-labeled eCommerce Store.

    One click, single sign-on capability to securely login teachers/students to any educational product and app

    Our services for Higher education

    MagicBoxTM collaborates with K-12 educational publishers to create and distribute E-books within a Cloud-Based mobile learning platform.


    MagicBox ensures online safety for children by taking COPPA guidelines into consideration

    MagicBox provides an all-in-one, ready-to-go environment for publishing mobile-first digital learning content at very low risk and low cost to publishers with support for off-line/online apps.

    MagicBox provides a best-in-class experience for educational administrators, with over 2 million K-12 students already using MagicBox.

    SmartPage offers automated conversions of static contents to IDPF compliant fixed-layout ePub3 at the click of a button.

    Age appropriate reading experience enables students and parents to feel comfortable as students discover reading at a developmentally suited level

    Our services for Higher education

    MagicBox collaborates with higher education providers to publish and distribute learning content within a Cloud-Based mobile learning platform


    MagicBoxTM’s team of experts can enable you to build an online university through a variety of e-learning courses and e-books.

    MagicBoxTM is developed to support all device types

    MagicBoxTM provides support for SCORM compliant courses

    MagicBoxTM houses a variety of eBooks, courses, videos or simulations in one seamless platform



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