How do I View most engaging books?

How do I View most engaging books?

Follow the steps listed below to view the most engaging books in your

  1. Log in as a School Admin.


  2. Ensure that you are on the Dashboard. You see the Dashboard
    as shown below:


  3. Click the Most Engaging Books. You are at the Most
    Engaging Books

    Engaging books

  4. Click on the Date Range box, if you wish. The date
    range popup looks like the image shown below:

    Select date

  5. Do either of the following to select the Date Range
    for the report:

    1. Select from the date range options available, or
    2. Select dates for a Custom Range:
      1. Click within From or To
      2. Select the From and To
      3. Click the Apply button.

    All matching books are listed similar to the screen displayed below:

    Most engaging content

  6. Export My Published Books List to PDF,
    MS Excel or CSV formats, if you wish.
  7. Click the Print button, if you need a print of the