How do I make notes within my book? --> -->

How do I make notes within my book?

Perform the following steps to make notes within your book:

  1. Log in as a Student. You arrive at the Student

    Student dashboard

  2. Identify a book from the Library.
  3. Click on the book. It opens up in the eBook Reader
    in a new tab or a window of your browser:

    Add notes

  4. Click the Notes
    icon on the top right panel of the eBook Reader. You
    see the following message displayed on the screen:

    Add notes message

  5. Navigate to an appropriate page or location.
  6. Click or tap anywhere on the page. You see the following popup screen
    displayed to you:

    Add notes

  7. Type in your note in the Add Note box.
  8. Click the Save button. You note is saved in the Notes
    . You can use the eBook Reader menu to
    check all your notes under the Notes sub-menu.