How do I edit schools? - Magic Box

How do I edit schools?

Do the following to edit the schools registered with you:

  1. Log in as a Publisher.
  2. Click the School menu in the left panel.School list
  3. Click the School List sub-menu. You see a screen
    similar to the one shown below:School list
  4. Select the school you wish to edit, from the list displayed. You can:
    1. Scroll down the list or move to the next page, or
    2. Use the Search box on the top right of the
  5. Click the Edit for the
    school in the last column “Edit“. You see a screen
    similar to the one show below:Edit details
  6. Make appropriate changes to the school details. You cannot make any
    change to the School or District Name.
  7. Click the Update button to save the changes made.
    You can view the changes made in the School List. School list