How do I Create Homework?

How do I Create Homework?

Perform the steps below to create homework:

  1. Log in as a Teacher.


  2. Click the Learning Content menu in the left panel.
  3. Click the Homework sub-menu. You are at the Created
    by Me

    Created by Me

  4. Click the Add Homework button. You arrive at the Add

    Add homework

  5. Type in the Title of the homework.
  6. Type in the Description for the homework.
  7. Click the Link with Content box to select content
    from the list if you wish to link the homework to a content.
  8. Click inside the Assign to Class(es), Assign
    to Group(s)
    , and Assign to Student(s) boxes
    to select the appropriate class, group, or students from the list,
    respectively. You can choose more than more of them at any time.
  9. Assign a Due Date to the homework from the calendar.
  10. Click the Save button. Your homework will be listed
    on the Created by Me screen.