How do I Add new users and roles? --> -->

How do I Add new users and roles?

Follow the steps below to add new users and roles:

  1. Log in as a Publisher.Admin
  2. Click the Admin User menu in the left panel. You
    arrive at the Admin Users screen as shown below:Admin Users
  3. Click the Add button to a new user. You see the Add
    screen:Add user
  4. Select the User Types. All fields marked with * are mandatory.User types
  5. Select the Title.
  6. Type in the First Name, Last Name,
    Telephone, Email Address / Username,
    Password, and Confirm Password.
  7. Check the box next to Send email to user if you wish
    to inform the user by email.
  8. Click the Save button. The user you just added will
    be listed in the Admin Users screen.