How do I add highlights to a book?

How do I add highlights to a book?

Follow the steps listed below to add highlights to a book:

  1. Log in as a Student. You arrive at the Student

    Student Dashboard

  2. Identify a book from the Library.
  3. Click on the book. The book opens up in the eBook Reader
    in a new tab or window of your browser:


  4. Click on the Highlights
    icon in the top right panel of the eBook Reader. You
    see the following options:

    Highlights options

  5. Click on the Edit Drawing button. The toolbar is
    active now as displayed below:

    Highlights options

  6. Click on the Choose highlight color
    icon to choose the color of your highlights, if you wish. The color
    palette looks like this:

    Color options

  7. Click on any color to choose it.
  8. Click either of the Pen tool
    or Marker tool icons to
    highlight any area on a page similar to the image shown below: