How do I Add books and other digital content?

Perform the following steps when adding books and other digital content to MagicBoxTM:

  1. Click the Add Content menu option in the left panel.

    Add content

  2. Select the content type.

    Select content type

  3. Click the Next button.
  4. Choose content to upload.

    Choose content to upload

    Once you select your file, you see the following screen:

    Choose content to upload

  5. Click the Next button.
  6. Fill in all the fields marked with *.
    All other fields are good to have.

    Add metadata

  7. Do either of the following:
      1. Click the Next button to move to the next step, and follow Step 8
        onwards, or
      2. Click the Save button to save the details. You can come back to
        complete the other steps later.


  8. Choose an image for your content’s thumbnail.

    Choose thumbnail

  9. Click the Next button. You see the following screen:


  10. Do any of the following:
    1. Click the Save button to save all the details about your content.
      You can come back and publish it later.
    2. Click the Publish button to publish your content. You see the
      message displayed below.

      Publish confirmation

      Check your Library or your content list in a few minutes to find
      your content listed.