Why EdTech Matters to Everyone?

EdTech for Everyone

The year 2017 saw a surge of edtech for schools, higher learning and skill-based learning. Metaari, earlier Ambient Insight, reported that global investments in edtech companies reached as much as $8.15 billion in 2017. Growing at a rapid pace, the edtech industry is providing solutions to capture Read More

MagicBoxTM Success Story – Improving Student’s Engagement Online

Back to school and few months after that are always overwhelming busy time for educators and finally, the rush for  2017 is over. For a global education technology company like Magic, there is no respite any time during the year. In Australia, school years typically start in Read More

How Magic Box supports Universal Design for Learning

Education systems usually comprise rigid curricula and a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. Standardized approaches to instruction tend to act as barriers to learning, often resulting in a sub-optimal climate for fostering academic success. Advent of digital learning allows educators to design tailor-made solutions to cater to individual Read More

MagicBoxTM Launches Support for OneRoster

MagicBox launches Support for OneRoaster

MagicBoxTM team is working towards integrating MagicBoxTM platform with IMS Global OneRoster and will be launching the support for OneRoster v1.1 at the end of November 2017. I would detail out how it works and helps school districts deliver class-roster to all the educational publishers and third-party Read More

Designing Website and Apps for Accessibility

Accessibility in education refers to providing equal opportunities to learners who are differently-abled. According to the Center on Technology and Disability (CTD), accessible digital content and apps shouldn’t only be targeted for the differently-abled, but also for the English language learners and those from under-resourced communities. To Read More

Enhancing Learning Outcomes with MagicBoxTM

Magic Software partners with Clever Magic Software, a leading education technology provider, announced today that it has partnered with Clever to successfully deploy MagicBoxTM, a cloud based digital publishing, distribution and analytics platform, at one of the largest school districts in Florida. Around 100,000 students were successfully on-boarded Read More

Now Parents can monitor Child’s Progress in real time using MagicBoxTM

MagicBoxTM team is proud to announce the addition of parents’ role in the platform. MagicBoxTM platform is being used by more than 1.2 million students worldwide. MagicBoxTM uses xAPI or Tin Can API to capture and store useful information about how students are engaging with the content Read More

Seamlessly Connecting Educational Resources Through LTI Integration

With a shift to digital and adoption of mobile devices, chromebooks in schools, educational resources have begun to shift to online and digital platforms. Most of the times a single medium/destination is not sufficient. Learners require multiple applications/websites that can provide them with the required sources of Read More

What’s White About This Black Box?

I’ve been associated with this ‘black box’ for the last 4 years. That was the time when as a team we started to build the product and sorted through various names before zeroing in on ‘MagicBoxTM’. Online learning had just started to gain traction as a faster Read More

How is accessible content expected to make learning easier for the differently-abled?

For years, differently-abled children have struggled with their schoolwork and assignments, owing to how most schools lack the infrastructure or instructional methods to accommodate the differently-abled. However, the recent surge of technological advancement has created a wealth of opportunities for differently-abled students to start at an equal Read More