Is artificial intelligence replacing traditional methods of teaching?

Artificial intelligence is slowly making its way into various fields, including medicine, automobile industry, and more importantly, education. Although there has been mixed reactions to the integration of artificial intelligence systems into traditional teaching methods, there have been encouraging results as well. A question that is asked […]

Evolution to Revolution – Future of Learning

“There is nothing permanent except change.” -Heraclitus   Change is always good; it gives you a fresh start & encourages you to focus on horizons that have never been touched. Education industry too has changed over the years. Slowly & steadily, re-inventing itself after each phase. The evolution […]

The Scrum Agile Process – Move forward with agility

As wise men say – “Never stop learning, because Life never stops teaching”. Before you read through this, I would like to acknowledge that I am no writer & all that is mentioned here is an outcome of my recent training(s) & exposure of working with a […]

Choosing the right partner to develop your mobile learning solution

It is no news that the use of smartphones and tablets is on a global increase owing to their convenience and effectiveness in offering information, education and training. Hence, corporate organizations, businesses, educational institutes and many other entities are seeking for the best mobile learning solutions to […]

7 ways mobile devices can make m-learning more effective

You are already aware of how m-learning has been gaining in popularity owing to the fact that it can deliver information to the audience anywhere and at anytime. Mobile devices are enabling students to learn in a more engaging and interesting way, explore novel ideas and to […]

6 best practices in mobile learning

Mobile learning is taking the world by storm, whether it is being adopted in schools or corporate organizations. But getting it right is definitely a challenge, especially if you consider how numerous mobile apps fail to impress their audience in the long run. This may be due […]

Smart analytics of digital content consumption with MagicBox

As a K-12 publisher, it is not enough for you to create and distribute digital content like eBooks efficiently. A number of digital publishing platforms help you create engaging educational materials and ensure that they reach your target customers. But not many of these platforms offer truly […]

Accessibility – A vital aspect to consider while developing a worldwide product

We at Magic, had an opportunity to work on a mobile app which was specifically designed for people with visual impairment. The app we created, was for a Sillicon Valley based IoT startup Braigolabs, and allowed us to implement a series of in-house tools aimed at making […]

Cloud Based Digital Publishing Platforms are Changing the Game for K-12 Publishers

Cloud computing is steadily progressing towards being an essential part of K-12 education. This trend fosters new-age skills by using technology in the most innovative ways. New ways of imparting education such as mobile learning, BYOD (bring your own device) policy, open content, learning analytics, virtual or […]

Why companies need mobile sales enablement now

Gone are the days when printed collaterals were the way to go for sales representatives, to close deals with potential customers. Printed matter is prone to being misplaced, is cumbersome to carry around and is often a source of annoyance to clients who feel forced to look […]

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