Microlearning: The Next Big Thing in Education?

In a world that places a premium on constant learning and instant results, microlearning is an obvious winner. An emerging learning trend, microlearning is a way of delivering content in small, targeted bursts, typically through phones, tablets, and computers in rich media formats. It is a learner-centric […]

Gamification | The new way of learning

Games are the activities that are loved by people from all age group. Over the years, teachers have been working hard to make learning interesting. The intent of bringing change in the way things were being taught was to ensure that the kids are motivated to learn. […]

Next Generation Science Standards-Based Assessments Are Coming!

About Next Generation Science Standards Science-based education is important in providing the know-how that students need to be well-informed citizens, to be adequately prepared for a career, and more importantly, to gain a deep understanding of  science as a discipline. The Next Generation Science Standards, as a […]

What’s White About This Black Box?

I’ve been associated with this ‘black box’ for the last 4 years. That was the time when as a team we started to build the product and sorted through various names before zeroing in on ‘MagicBox’. Online learning had just started to gain traction as a faster […]

Inclusive Access in Publishing

What is Inclusive Access? In the last few years, higher education institutes and textbook publishers have created a model that is called inclusive access. Typically, inclusive access allows for a move from a transaction-based model to a subscription-based model, which is great for students since they end […]

The Importance of Customized End-to-End Digital Distribution Platforms

Digital Content Platforms – The Way Forward Digital content has seen an unprecedented surge of growth in the last 15 years. Publishers are trying to out do each other by adding videos, audios and different types of interactivities in the content. On the other hand, students are […]

User Learning Analytics

  Data Gathering and Analysis For years, schools have been collecting data and maintaining records. It ranges from grades to attendance, test scores, to student medical information, and other similar data. However, this information is generally underutilized by most educational organizations. What most people don’t know is […]

How are Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Changing Our Daily Lives?

Over the last decade or so, the term deep learning has been systematically used whenever the conversation strays towards artificial intelligence, big data, and analytics. There’s a good reason for it too – deep learning represents a huge step forward for the development of self-sufficient, self-teaching systems […]

Digital Distribution Platforms Vs Learning Management Systems

Most organizations that publish a lot of educational content are focusing a lot on their content management and distribution strategy.. The key elements of a content strategy are a learning management system and a digital publishing and a digital distribution platform. These systems often work together to […]

How is accessible content expected to make learning easier for the differently-abled?

For years, differently-abled children have struggled with their schoolwork and assignments, owing to how most schools lack the infrastructure or instructional methods to accommodate the differently-abled. However, the recent surge of technological advancement has created a wealth of opportunities for differently-abled students to start at an equal […]

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