About Gibbs Smith Education

Gibbs Smith Education is a decades old publication house dealing with textbooks related to American History.
It believes that no two states have the same story or the same standards for social studies content.
Consequently, the publishers’ history content is used nationwide in the US.

Business Challenge

Gibbs Smith Education had been using an existing platform, where a lot of features necessary for new age
digital-learning were missing. They were looking for a digital platform that could solve this problem and
provide a new age interface and features that supported latest market trends. A few ‘must-have’ features
that Gibbs Smith Education was looking for were

    • Personal reading experience
    • Mobile apps with offline capability
    • Assessment engine so that teachers could use it to measure progress of their students
    • Seamless migration of their existing users to the new platform
    • All major features from existing platform
    • Support for features such as annotations, read-aloud etc.
    • Integrated E-Commerce store

Business Solution

MagicBox, a flagship product by Magic solved all these problems for Gibbs Smith Education. As a
platform, it has the capability to distribute the content securely on

    • Web
    • iOS App
    • Android App
    • Desktop App
    • Mac App

MagicBox provides a quick turn-around time to create interactive content with just a PDF as an input. This
has become one of the most used features by Gibbs Smith Education.

MagicBox’s robust eReader allows Gibbs Smith Education’s users to create annotations that provide a
personalized reading experience. The assessments engine comes integrated with MagicBox with the ability to
ingest questions and tests in a pre-defined template. This makes it easy for Gibbs Smith Education to
create and sell their questions & assessment banks. Teachers can use MagicBox to create any number of
tests and measure the performance of their students with the help of various reports.


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