About Client

Savvas Learning (Formerly Pearson K12), an industry leader in educational publishing built Reading Spot, a robust digital distribution platform that delivers differentiated instructions, as part of a K-5 supplemental reading instructional program.

Business Challenges

Savvas Learning (Formerly Pearson K12) needed a digital library that students of all ages could search through. It meant that the search feature needed to be both powerful and intuitive to find books that were perfect for the interests of each reader and at the appropriate reading level.

The Magic Solution

Reading Spot, powered by MagicBoxTM, is a digital distribution platform that could deliver differentiated instructions, as part of Savvas Learning (Formerly Pearson K12 ) K-5 supplemental reading instructional program.

The platform allowed the migration of titles from across Savvas Learning’s (Formerly Pearson K12 ) K-5 supplemental reading instructional program into IDPF compliant ePub3 content.

The key technical features and capabilities of Reading Spot include search and discoverability, mobile apps, guided reading, lexile, reading maturity metric, insights and analytics, developmental reading assessments etc.

How the Solution Works

Reading Spot Digital Library offers a curated collection featuring thousands of high-quality ebooks, with functions like audio narration, highlighting, note-taking, reporting, and teacher support.

With interactive elements, such as marking as favorites, highlighting text, adding notes, and listening to audio narration, student engagement can be enhanced manifold. With such interactive features, even difficult words and phrases can be explained, helping students grow their vocabulary and speaking and writing skills.

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