About Cloud Education

Cloud Education provides turnkey solutions, to businesses both large and small, by creating interactive,
high-production-value courses that reside securely in the cloud and can be made available to
staff at the times and places, and on the platforms that best suit the corporate’s needs.

Business Challenge

The core challenge for Cloud Education was to be able to distribute their high value courses to a number
organizations. The content Cloud Education has, is in the form of Videos and hosted on Vimeo.

Cloud Education needed a secure way to make these videos a part of a course and yet ensure that nobody
able to access it without appropriate permissions. Since the courses are professional in nature, Cloud
Education also needed to ensure that their learners have gained a certain level of understanding.

Business Solution

Magic offered Cloud Education two of its flagship platforms – LEAP and MagicBox. LEAP
them to author great value digital & interactive courses by securely integrating
the videos
hosted on Vimeo. MagicBox on the other hand, allows the content created through LEAP to be
securely over the cloud to users in various organizations.

To ensure learner’s understanding after the course, MagicBox’s Assessments Engine has been used. It
learner’s managers or instructors to gauge their learnings from the course. To enable easy test taking
mechanism, these tests have been directly embedded at the end of each course.